K8 Minicar Concept ©2008
"K8" Minicar Concept ©2007, 2008 Falcon GT Design Concept ©2007
Falcon GT Design Concept ©2007 Mustang Sportwagon Concept ©2005
Mustang Sportwagon Concept ©2005 Mustang Design Concept ©1992
Mustang Design Concept ©1992 Large Sedan Concept ©1985
Large Sedan Concept ©1985 Microcar Concept ©1981
Microcar Concept ©1981 Mustang Cobra Design Concept ©1976
Mustang Cobra Design Concept ©1976
Some people relax by playing golf, Jim designs cars. These are some of his ideas over the years.

"K8" Minicar Concept ©2007, 2008

Who says mini cars have to be boring? This is Jim's concept for a "fun" minicar. It would be sized between a Mini and a Smart, and recalls some of the spirit of the dune buggies of the 1960's.

Falcon GT Design Concept ©2007

There has been some discussion recently about a possible 4-door Mustang. Jim believes that there should be a "4-door Mustang" and it should be called a Falcon, recalling the fact that the original Mustang was based on the 60-65 Falcon platform. Jim's concept would be mechanically identical to the Mustang and would share most of its performance options on both a 4-door sedan and a 4-door wagon.

This concept is designed in a "Heritage" philosophy: a contemporary body form (similar in feel to the previous Acura TL) with a few historic styling cues (from the 65 Falcon).

Mustang Sportwagon Concept ©2005

In the early years of the Mustang, Ford experimented with sportwagon designs, some getting as far as full-size clays. This is Jim Gerdom's concept for a contemporary Mustang sportwagon, shown as a Shelby GT500K. This design would have a relatively high parts commonality with the then-current production Mustangs, for example, the lower part of the liftgate would follow the same opening as the coupe decklid. The design would also have a strengthened B-pillar and the liftgate would be hinged forward in the roof, as on the Dodge Magnum.

Mustang Design Concept ©1992

Jim's 1992 concept for a more rounded Mustang (the Fox-body was in production at the time). Features of this design are: turn signals in the side mirrors (a characteristic on most of Jim's designs since the 70's), optional fastback or wagon hatches, and a separate rear fender to accomodate different size tires for different levels of performance.

Small Sedan Concept ©1992
Small Sedan Concept ©1992 Lincoln Concept ©1979
Lincoln Concept ©1979

Mustang Cobra Design Concept ©1976

This is one of Jim's early concepts. In the era of the Mustang II, and the energy crisis, Jim sketched this Mustang Cobra concept. It would be powered by a 4-rotor Wankel engine (similar to the Mercedes C-111) running on Hydrogen in a closed system, with all-wheel drive. Its styling retains the Mustang "DNA" in a light, architectural design with gull-wing doors and folded glass in the doors and windshield.

Student Project at Art Center, 1969
Student Project at Art Center, 1969