1965 Falcon 2-dr ©1996
1965 Falcon 2-dr ©1996 1965 Falcon 4-dr ©2001
1965 Falcon 4-dr ©2001 1968 Ranchero ©1995
1968 Ranchero ©1995 1960 Falcon ©1998
1960 Falcon ©1998

1978 Fiesta

Long a Fiesta fan, this is Jim's project car design for his 1978 Fiesta. It includes Panasport 13" wheels, upgraded suspension, Cibie lights, front air dam and rear spoiler, European grille and headlights and Recaro seats.
Project Cars

1965 Falcons

In the early 90's, Jim bought a 65 Falcon 2-dr sedan, resulting in this project car concept, with design features inspired by the Shelby GT350R.

In 2001, Jim was given a 65 Falcon 4-dr and, thinking that the project might be more interesting on it, reworked the 2-dr design for the 4-dr.

Both of these images have been in magazines recently, the red Falcon in Popular Hot Rodding, and the white Falcon in Hot Rod.

1968 Ranchero

This project is for another of Jim's cars. Externally, the Ranchero has Torq-Thrust wheels, a 2-way tailgate modified from a wagon, and a front air dam with driving lights. Underneath, the rear suspension is replaced with an 89 T'bird IRS and relocated fuel tank, upgraded front suspension, 302, and some other technical innovations.

1960 Falcon

This is a project car design for the 1960 Falcon, now a basket-case, that Jim drove to college. It retains a stock appearance, except for the wheel areas, and would be mechanically contemporary. The wheel areas and lower body aero pieces are inspired by European road racing.

1978 Fiesta ©2000
1978 Fiesta ©2000