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Signed and numbered limited edition art prints, direct from the artist!

All of Jim’s artwork is created by hand, using traditional Design Sketch methods, without a computer.

NOTE: Not currently accepting new commissions at this time.


If you have a special collector car: a Classic, Muscle Car, Vintage Racer, or Street Rod, or maybe you had one and it got away, I can create original artwork and prints for your office, home, or man-cave garage. All of my work is done in the traditional “design sketch” technique, in marker and pastels, by hand, without a computer.
The artwork fee range is usually $700 to $1500, depending on the subject complexity (50% payment is up front, and the other 50% when the artwork is approved). This gets you the original, and 2 or 3 prints. My original art is done on 24″ wide, 100% rag, marker paper. With reasonable care, the original will last for decades.
The prints can be ordered in large or smaller sizes than the original art, and can be used in environments where the original might be damaged.
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