Design Factory was started in 1970 as the Industrial Design office of Art Center trained designer Jim Gerdom. For information on our Automotive and Product Design services, click on the DESIGN page.

Since 1975, we have produced a catalog of Art and Products for Automotive Enthusiasts. We presently offer a series of limited edition automotive art prints from Jim's original artwork. Additional information is on the ART page.

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New Stuff

New Pricing!

We've revised the pricing of our Art Prints. The "standard size" prints (12" x 24" and larger) remain at $40 each. Our "mid-size" (9" x 18") prints are now $30, and the "mini-size" (5" x 10") prints are now $20. All are still individually signed and numbered by me.

We have also revised our numbering system. Our old system was consecutive (1001, 1002, 1003, etc.) and no longer fit our needs. In the new system, the first two digits are the image number and the last two digits are the print size. For example, the 65 GTO350 print, shown above, in 12" x 24" was DF-1031. In the new system, it's DF-3124, and the 9" x 18" and 5" x 10" sizes are DF-3118 and DF-3110 respectively. To avoid confusion, the old print number is included in the information in the print windows on the ART page. - Jim

2012 Mustang Project ©2012

This is Jim's exterior package design for an aftermarket company, as part of one of their high-performance packages for the 2012 mustang.