The Automotive Art
of Designer Jim Gerdom.

Welcome to my website.

I've been producing Automotive and Product Design for over 40 years. My clients have included Ford, Fiat, and many aftermarket companies. As an offshoot of my design work, about 20 years ago I started creating artwork for limited edition prints, shown in the "Art Prints & Posters" page. Along with the production and concept cars you'll see some of my projects.

At the top of the page are links to the other pages on this website. We are in the process of updating and revising the website, so a few of the pages are not active yet. Over the next few months you will see some price changes on our prints. They are minor, we haven't changed prices in several years. Some items will be slightly higher, and some slightly lower, than you've seen in our previous advertising. I have a large number of new images "on the board" ir planned, including GM, Mopar, Muscle Cars, Race Cars, and Concepts. They will be added to the Art Print page as they are ready. - Jim

Design Factory Art is a part of Design Factory, the Industrial Design office of Jim Gerdom.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Art Prints

Click on the Art prints and Posters page to see thumbnail images of the prints that I currently have available. When you click on a thumbnail, a window will appear with a larger image, information about sizes and prices, and Shopping Cart buttons for placing an online order.

Original Hand-Drawn Artwork of your Collector Car

I can do original artwork of your Classic, Muscle Car, Exotic, Street Rod, or Project Car! For more information, clocl on the Artwork of Your Car page.